Three years ago experts from the Bristol University’s Centre for Deaf Studies created a free British Sign Language (BSL) lexicon app with over 4000 signs. MobileSign has quite a few flaws – the back button takes you out of the app and the user interface leaves much to be desired, but despite these, it is my favourite BSL dictionary to look up single words. Type in a word and a short video clip pop-ups showing the sign.

British Sign Language (BSL) is its own language with a separate sentence structure. Our goal at Ergohacks is to help everyone learn basic BSL signs to help facilitate communication. We have found learning BSL alongside a 4-year old that adding signs for specific words in our every day communication sparks an interest in sign language and overcomes the barrier most people have around learning a (complicated) new skill.

MobileSign in the Android Play Store
MobileSign in the App Store