Ice and heat treatment are vital for injuries and chronic musculoskeletal and pain conditions. I have a Koolpak luxury reusable hot and cold pack with holster that is invaluable. Kept in the freezer it is ready for any soft tissue injury, kept in the fridge it is great for minor injuries, grazes and migraine relied and when heated, it is a perfect for muscle stiffness and old aches and pains from past injuries.


Koolpak is a UK based manufacturer of First Aid and sport injury products. The luxury pack is made of nylon and filled with non-toxic gel that makes it moldable and durable.

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Hot or Cold

The basic rule to remember is ice for acute injuries, deeper pain relief and swelling and heat for everything else. For pain relief, ice is superior to heat as it works better and lasts longer. Patient UK’s guide on ice and heat treatment for injuries¬†provides excellent information on when to use ice or heat, how to do so responsibly and precautions to take into account.