KMX recumbent trikes are ergonomically designed for people with a wide range of abilities. They are stable with a low centre of gravity, require no balancing and made for children, adults and experienced cyclists. We haven’t had the opportunity to try one, but they have a well-known reputation for excellence.

KMX is a Hampshire based company that delivers in the UK and ships to Ireland, Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia. It all started in”2000 English fire fighter Barry Smith, a former helicopter engineer, decided to build his son something ‘a bit different’ from parts salvaged from a skip.”*

The Tornado F8 (£799) and Typhoon (£899) are the introductory trikes for adults and multiple accessories, including a headrest for £69.99 is available to adapt it to suit individual requirements. There are 3 Performance range trikes for experienced cyclists: the Cobra (£1,199), Viper (£1,199) and Venom (£1,499).

The KMX K-3 Child’s sport’s trike is the introductory bike for children. It’s priced at £299 and suitable for 4 – 11 years with a maximum weight of 65kg. It’s gears is 2 Speed 24T- 18T Double Guarded Freewheel. It is easy to assemble, easy to maintain and easy to use. There are two more models for older children and young adults, the KMX Kompact (£550) and KMX Kompact R (£650).

There are many benefits to cycling, both health and environmental. The KMX design helps make cycling a little easier and more accessible for people who may not otherwise be able to enjoy it. The entry level trikes are great value for money, versatile, durable and ergonomic.


For more information, visit the KMX website.