Kingdom Rush started as a free-to-play strategy game over seven years ago. I played the flash version then and was delighted to discover an HD version in the App Store in 2010. Since its first release, there has been two more games, Kingdom Rush Frontiers (2013) and Kingdom Rush Origins (2014). The trilogy is set in the same world, game play is based on the same mechanisms, but instead of getting that rehash feeling, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games because it’s not really about the style – although Kingdom Rush has its own wonderful, unique style, it’s about the strategy and when it comes to strategy games, the more maps the better.

The Ergohacks Verdict

Kingdom Rush has charm by the bucket and the simplistic characteristic tone created by the cartoon visuals, comedic special effects and appropriately themed soundtrack sets just the right tone. Underneath the show and mirrors, lies buried a meaty strategy game with a great selection of towers, enemies, maps and advancements to keep it fresh for many, many hours. Ironhide Game Studio has done a magnificent job creating a must-have title for all tower defense enthusiasts.

Ergohacks Essential

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Price: ± £ Free- £6.99
Paid extras: Contains ads and offers in-app purchases on mobile platforms. Ad-free, HD and with no microtransactions on PC.

About Ironhide Game Studio

Ironhide Game Studio was founded in January 2010 by a group of three friends with a common passion for games. They shared the same dream of working for the gaming industry so decided to start their company. By 2015, their team had grown to a family of twenty-three talented, funny and passionate individuals. Their goal is to provide quality, fun and highly playable games, always trying to improve in order to give a better experience to the gamers.*


Classic map-based tower defense design with a range of maps, towers, enemies, upgrades and specialist heroes that strengthen your defense.


  • Upgradable towers
  • Large selection of enemies, including boss fights
  • Heroes available to boost your defense
  • Additional game modes


Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
Genre: Tower defense, strategy
Layout: Map-based
Number of players: single player
Difficulty setting: Standard

Build quality

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on playing Kingdom Rush, Frontiers and Origins on Android/iOS. This article was first published on 28 February 2012 and last updated on 15 June 2017.