The Kinect has always been a device with big accessibility potential but it has never quite seemed to hit the right spot.  After its initial Xbox 360 launch a PC version with newer hardware came out but was not that successful.  Now following its update with the Xbox One a second Windows version has been announced.

Microsoft seems to be very determinedly targeting developers rather than consumers with this launch.  The listing explains that the device will not come with any software and will only work with the Kinect for Windows SDK which requires you to build applications with C++, C#,, Cx and Javascript.  This was the case with the first generation as well and hopefully the few systems that were developed  such as the OAK will be updated for the greater accuracy available with the new version hardware.

The KinectV2 is available for pre-order now with shipping on the 15th of July for $199 in the US and £159 in the UK, shipping on the same day.



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