The crossover between using a pushchair and switching to a wheelchair is one that can be difficult for both children and parents and we’ve seen several solutions that try cover the change, most notably the Wizybug from Designability or the Kimba family of pediatric manual wheelchairs.

The Kimba set of chairs is particularly notable because of its modular style.  Get the perfect seat from a set of four different types and it clicks in and out of four different types of frame.  To this you can add multiple accessories such as shades and covers, trays and storage solutions.

The four seats go from age 1 to 14 and provide different levels and types of support, and harnesses.  In the case of the NUTEC it is completely customised to the childs body.

Each of the seats fits on the frames and are designed to be moved from frame to frame as the situation requires.  The frames are clearly differentiated by use.  The Neo is a pushchair for urban environments, the home underframe is designed to be used around the house, the cross jogger is designed for the countryside (and can also be attached to a bike) and the tandem is for those with two children.  All are adjustable and foldable to lesser or greater extents.

The accessories are of logical types – a sun canopy, tray and storage.

Ottobock – the company that makes these chairs is US based and it’s surprisingly difficult to find information about pricing or how to get the chairs in the UK but some are available on the NHS via Wheelchair Services wheelchair voucher schemes or via several charities.  They also have a several clinics in Egham, Birmingham, Leeds and Rugeley where is is possible to try them out.

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