Since Kickstarter came to the UK earlier this year we’ve made more and more use of the site as a backer and have seriously considered doing a Kickstarter ourselves for the site.  This week came the news that they were to expand into their next market.  After starting in the US, and then joining the UK and Canada they will open to projects for Australia and New Zealand.

Kickstarter is not planning to launch a Australia / New Zealand specific site, but rather to list their projects on the US site along the other projects.  They have given a month or so’s slack to let people decide to start a project and have a launch date of November the 13th.  If you are accessing from Australia or New Zealand you will see the projects listed in Australian dollars or New Zealand dollars and from abroad they will make an approximate conversion to local currency.

Overall it can only be good for the users of Kickstarter to have a larger pool of potential project runners and the different perspective from the Australian and New Zealand cultures will give us something interesting.

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