Kickstarter can be a source of a number of interesting and accessible hacks and add ons and we have recently found a very interesting one.  The NFC ring is a ring with two NFC chips in that can be used to unlock doors, unlock or carry out actions on mobile phones or transfer information.

NFC is a wireless system specifically designed to only work at a extremely short range – physically touching.  Its becoming far more common in smartphones and is in most new Android devices.  The two transmitter chips in the ring are designed so that one is private, on the palm of your hand for unlocking items and one is public, on your knuckles, to interface with others.

The software included with the ring is open-source and the manufactures are clear that they want programmers and the community to get involved and figure out more ways to use it.  At the moment there is already an app on the Google Play Store that will work with this to unlock your phone and Tasker can be used for more unusual scenarios.  The project has stretch goals that include lobbying to have NFC unlock added to core Android and a Windows Phone app.  Should the next version of the iPhone have NFC then they will also look at an iOS app.

At the time of writing the project was already fully funded, having almost doubled its requested funding in the first few days.  Most of the special edition rings have already gone but if you are interested the simplest version of the NFC ring will cost you £22 with delivery date expected to be September this year.  We’ve backed the project and will play with and review the ring when it arrives.


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