We often feature Kickstarters on the site and we often feature interesting desks, so when we saw a kickstarter of an interesting desk we had to have a look. The Paradise Desk sells itself as a desk for the computer user.  The idea is that a desk should be an extension of the computer an all your devices, including the computer and monitor should plug into the desk direct.  In effect the desk is one big docking station with a USB hub, power adapter, audio and screen plugs.


The desk has 7 integrated usb ports – one at the front left, three in a hatch in the centre of the desk and three at the back of the desk.  4 Power plugs are built in to the back of the desk.  There is an extender inside the desk from the PC to the screen that is DVI.  There are two light bars on the back of the desk to give ambient light.  There are audio plugs on the front right that have a hardware switch allowing ‘unplugging’ without removing.

The desk will be black as standard with silver, gold, white and blue available as limited Kickstarter editions.  As part of the Kickstarter pledge $349 and to get the basic desk with the retail price going up to $399 afterwards.  Interesting even though this is a US project there is a tier to allow European backers to reserve a desk for the second wave of availability.  The desk is currently at $54,000 and has 24 days left to run.

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