Starting or ending the day with a comfortable hot shower is one of those luxuries in life we often take for granted. The KEUCO Plan series is a modular bathroom system of fittings and accessories that looks beautiful, comfortable, flexible and safe to use for most people who may have difficulty using a standard shower. The range has various components that can be combined to create your own perfect bathroom, not just for you, but also for the whole family. It is also a series that meets commercial standards and is available to purchase for use in places like hotels and guest houses.

keuco walk-in shower with dual shower heads, seat and rail system

Here are my favourite features:


The tip-up seat is slightly recessed and attaches to the wall. It is a foam seat available in dark grey, light grey or white, comes in two sizes both with a load bearing capacity up to 150 kg. It is at a fixed height, so it would not be ideal for users of different heights, however, as it is a tip-up seat that folds away neatly when not in use. There is no reason why a shower could not be designed with two seats, one at an adults’ height and one at a child’s, for example.

It would not be possible to fit them vertically on the same level, but it should be quite easy to fit them next to each other or on separate walls in a corner shower. Another alternative is fit the adult seat to the wall, fold it away and use a shower stool for a child which is easier to keep changing as they grow rather than having to rip out and replace a wall affixed seat regularly.

The back rest is optional and attached via the rail system.

Shower rail system

The shower rail system includes a shower bracket and is available in three different layouts. The rails are strong enough to also serve as grab rails. There is a choice to either have an overhead shower fixed to either the wall or ceiling, a hand shower that fits onto the rail (and is height adjustable) or to have the best of both worlds and combine the two. If grab rails are not needed, there is a simpler alternative of a shower head sliding rail that is a single vertical bar. The system can be fitted inside a shower cubicle, wet room or over a bath. Additional grab rails are also available.

A note on grab rails: The rail system and the grab rails have a chrome finish. Chrome finished products, particularly at the lower quality end are not slip-resistant particularly for someone with reduced grip. I find KEUCO range products easy to grip, but I have not used them in a hot shower and I do not have reduced grip.

Shower and bath controls

There are two designs for shower controls in the PLAN series, both are single lever shower mixers. The first has the dial on the side which is easier and more ergonomic to use. The second has the dial mounted on the front and would not be my choice for an accessible shower. The thermostat controls is a dial as well and it requires a button press, see here, to turn the water temperature up above 38C, which is a wonderful safety feature.

A free-standing bathtub mixer with a separate waterway for a handheld shower looks impressive. It can be combined with any free-standing bathtub of your choice.


A mirror that tilts up to 15 degrees can be added as well as various baskets for shower soaps, shampoo and other accessories. These are attached to the wall, but again, it should be easy to attach different accessories at different heights for different users.


Wash basins can be combined with various washtops and vanities for under sink storage and all are wall mounted. It should be possible to just attach a sink and washtop to leave space for wheelchair users or anyone who needs to sit down at the sink. The Elegance series has a sensor mixer with an infra-red proximity sensor that automatically switches water on and off.

smart care washbasin with two grab rails and tilted mirror

KEUCO is well-known for making high-quality aesthetic bathroom fittings and accessories. Their wide range of products can be combined to create a bathroom that is not just barrier free for one person, but also elegant, comfortable and designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of people with different needs. There is a KEUCO mix and match design App on Google Play and the App Store, but it does not cover the barrier free accessible range of products.  Find a dealer in the UK here to and go and have a look in person at some of their products.

Source: KEUCO UK