When I’m cooking I find that among the most difficult kitchen jobs is very finely chopping ingredients. We’ve all seen TV chefs with knives moving in blurs to cut up herbs but we’d mainly be a little scared to do that without chopping up your fingers. The answer is a small simple chopper to do it for you and its this market the Kenwood CH180 Mini-chopper aims at.

The CH180 is a very simple device. One single jug with single type of blade that can handle up to about 150 grams of food. Put the food in, put on the lid and twist to lock and finally push on the button to shred your food. There is only one button and this can either be held in for a consistent mushing of the food or pressed for a more graduated chopping.

Once you’ve cut the food twist the lid and the whole jug with blades still inside it can be lifted and poured or scooped out and then the jug washed out under the tap or in the dishwasher. The base unit will not trigger unless the jug is in it with the lid locked down and safe.

So what foods can you make in it? We’ve used it for ham and meats, vegetables and fruits, bread to make breadcrumbs and multiple types of herbs. It’s handled them all well and unlike some shredders does not end up with an area around the edge with unshredded food. Kenwood do say that its not designed for hard food and can’t handle ice, coffee beans or grinding granulated sugar.

Product Information


Included in the box: CH180, blade on stand, jug, lid and a quick start/assembly guide. Replacement blades, jugs and lids are available from Kenwood.

Retailer: Amazon

About Manufacturer: Kenwood

Kenwood is one of the classic kitchen device manufacturers and was started in 1947 with the first ever two side toaster. The company produced the classic Kenwood Chef in the 1960s and joined Delonghi in 2000. At this point the company has over 4000 employees and is a staple of the market with a reputation for well made long lasting equipment.

As you would expect with a large company they have extensive environmental policies detailed on their website.


The Ergohacks Evaluation


The CH180 is versatile and handles any soft to medium hardness ingredient. It has a liquid capacity of .35 litres and will work for most condiments and for flavorings. It is not designed and not large enough to be your main food shredder.

The lid also has an oil drip hole in which allows you to add very small amounts of extra liquid ingredients – great if you’re making a sauce.

Finally the units size lends itself to blending an appropriate amount of food for babies – prepare your regular meal and then puree the babies portion in it.

Ergonomic Design

The CH180 has a simple design that an only fit together one way and requires little thought. It is next to impossible to assemble incorrectly and I’ve not been able to find any way that you could injure yourself with it. The single button is large and well sprung so needs a firm push to press. The lid also requires the ability to turn with a reasonable amount of force to have it click in properly.

Environment & People

Kenwood has a reputation for building products that last and despite its small size the CH180 feels tough and well engineered. The device is made out of polycarbonate but is entirely BPA free as you would hope for something that will be in contact with food. Polycarbonates are recyclable and the blades are made of stainless steel – also recyclable.


At £15 the CH180 may be the cheapest gadget in the kitchen. If you’ve the skill it’s possible to do most of what it does with a knife but for most of us this is the perfect way to chop small items.



Body material: Plastic
Bowl material: Plastic
Colour: White
Guarantee: Yes
Size (cm): 19H x 14.5W x 11D
Speed: 2 speeds
Wattage: 300W
Weight: 950g
Capacity: 350ml

Warranty: One Year





Some gadgets do a million things and trade on their versatility. Some choose to do one basic thing and do it very well. The CH180 is designed to shred or puree small amounts of an ingredient whilst cooking or to puree baby food. That’s it. It does it perfectly and is compact, safe, well designed and tough.

If you’re an experienced but not professionally skilled cook this is for you and will save you time and work. Highly recommended.

The review is based on the Kenwood Mini Chopper / Mill CH180A. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 28th December 2015