The Kangaroo desk is an adjustable combination monitor stand and work area. Place it on top of your regular desk, attach your monitor to it then put your keyboard and mouse on the work area. Sitting down I didn’t notice any major difference in setup, but loosen one handle and gently lift to the perfect height and your work station becomes a standing desk.

I spent two weeks using the Kangaroo Elite – the larger two screen version – so how was it?

The Elite is delivered unassembled in one large and reasonably heavy box. It comes with some clear and easy to follow instructions and I was able to assemble it by myself in around 15 minutes. Given the choice a second person to help hold it upright would have been a help and don’t make the same mistake I did and assemble it in a different room – this is unwieldy when all put together! When I’ve put monitors on arms before I’ve always had issues attaching them due to the weights and leverages involved. The Kangaroo gets around this by attaching the VESA connector to the screen then letting that just slide in and clip on the arm. It’s a clever system and one I’d like to see more of.

Once I had it up on the desk and assembled I realized another nice aspect of the design – it might have a range of height adjustments that lets it be usable by up to someone who is 6″2 but there’s a single allen key that lets it be pre-adjusted to work at my height. In short once I’ve got the standing setting adjusted perfectly to me I can go back up to that point whenever I want. At the lowest setting the Elite adds around an inch and a half to the height of the desk and puts the screens in mid air around a foot or so in front of you. I found this a little closer than would have been ideal but workable.


Product Information

Price: £599 (including vat)

Comes with everything you need to setup including a stabilization leg and tools. Free shipping in the UK.

Paid Extras: Forward extension or side extensions available if you need more space

Retailer: Project Ergo +:

About Ergo Desktop and Project Ergo

Ergo Desktop is a US company that developed the Kangaroo specifically for those who want to be able to sit and stand but without discarding their original desk. They manufacture in the US and have a range of different sized options and have just launched an electric line

Project Ergo is the UK supplier of Kangaroo Height Adjustable desks and also handles shipping to Europe.


When I set the Elite up I was a little worried about stability. I thought the heavy base plate would keep it upright with the monitors attached directly to it but I was a little concerned with how much the keyboard shelf would move when I typed. I needn’t have been concerned. The included stability leg (when I remembered to put it in!) fixed this problem entirely and it feels rock solid to type on.

The lifting (and dropping) of the screens is a two handed job pressing or lifting on both sides of the back of the platform but it takes only a small amount of pressure due to the hydraulics. There are two adjustable knobs – the bottom loosens so the work area and monitors can raise together and the top knob allows adjustment of the monitor heights. I found that I very rarely had to adjust the upper monitor knob once I’d gotten it correct for me.

The workspace is obviously smaller than a regular desk would be – if you sitting this isn’t an issue but standing a keyboard and mousemat will take up most of the space and if you have other things that need to be in ergonomic hands reach you need to make sure they’ll fit.

  • Aimed at work environments where you want or need a standing desk but are not free to change the setup
  • Target age range: Adults, Older adults
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral,
  • Optimized for right handed use – the knob that needs to be loosened to raise or lower is on the right of the central column.
  • Optimized for indoor use

Environment & People


At nearly £600 the Kangaroo Elite isn’t the cheap option. If you are able to change the desk you’re using to a sit stand model then that’s likely to work out more economic but if not the Elite is a good all in and long lasting solution with the additional benefit of being movable if you change work locations or jobs.


Main work surface: 71 x 61 cm deep
Main work surface is adjustable 38cm above the desk
VESA mounts have 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm hole pattern
VESA ,mounts have “tilt, pan and rotate” adjustability
Monitors have 16.5cm of adjustability independent of the work surface
Fits monitors up to 4.5kg (without base) and 63cm wide including bezzels
Base Plate: Solid Steel
Stabilization legs: One included
Colors: Black as standard. Maple, cherry and putty by order

Warranty: The Non-Electric Kangaroo Desk’s Gas Springs and all moving parts come with a full two-year warranty and the steel structural frames come with a five year warranty.


The Kangaroo is designed to sit on a normal table at a standard or slightly lower than standard height. The unit is quite heavy when you consider that you’ll be adding a couple of screens plus mouse and then occasionally leaning on it the table should be able to take the weight without moving. The spec’s say that it can handle two monitors of up to 23″ each although I found that I was able to get by with one 27″ monitor in landscape mode and a 23″ in portrait. The final requirement is for a monitor that has either a 100mm or 75mm Vesa mount built in and a base that is removable.

Ergo Elite 2


The Kangaroo Elite is a beautifully designed and manufactured piece of furniture that for a certain niche of user will be a perfect fit. If you’re working in an office where you can’t fit a standing desk it may be the perfect alternative. The unit is pricy but the five year warranty and simplicity it can be put up and down make it a viable option and it might be one that your HR department can help with. Recommended.

The review is based on the Kangaroo Elite Black kindly lent by Project Ergo
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