Kampa Khazi Toilet Review

One day last month my postman got a very big chuckle. A very large but very light box was delivered and being curious he read the label – Kampa Khazi. This was very amusing to him never having delivered a toilet in the post before.

Going camping with kids there’s one thing that you can count on – the 2am and possibly 4am wake ups for the loo. The standard way to solve this is with a walk across the camp ground to the nearest toilet which if the weather isn’t great can be wet and cold and even at best is likely to wake you up completely. The Kampa Khazi solves this problem neatly by being in effect an adult size potty.

The unit consists of four simple parts. The main body of the loo, a loo seat and lid, an internal bucket with lid and a internal brace that strengthens the whole thing. The idea is that you take it along with you camping and put it in the corner of the tent, or possibly in a separate toilet tent or the porch. When nature calls in the night you make use of it and the bucket’s lid keeps everything sealed away and not smelly. When the morning comes you take the whole thing to the camp toilets and flush it away. The parts are all solid plastic and easy to wash down.

There are several variations on this that I’ve seen all using extra things put in the loo to cut down on smell such as  biodegradable cat litter, toilet cleaner or hay but if you’re only having it filled for a few hours the seal on the bucket seems to be more than enough. If you can’t get to a emptying point – for example if you were in a caravan or at a festival – then it does extend the time between required empties from a few hours to a couple of days. This could be extended further with absorbent cat litter and bin bags – which might let you avoid festival toilets entirely.

The biggest downside I’ve found to the Khazi is its strength. When the lid is up it feels quite solid and immoveable to sit on as its internal bracing is designed for this but when you try and sit on it with the lid down – something natural to do in a tent that doesn’t have chairs – the top bowed inwards quickly.

Khazi Bucket Image Product Information

Retailer: Amazon +

Price: ±  £17
Paid extras: Toilet roll – quality and type are set by personal preference

About Kampa

Kampa is an Essex based camping and caravanning supply company founded in 2006. They specialise in awnings and smaller tents but also produce a number of accessories such as the Kampa Khazi.


  • Aimed at campers with families and those needing a temporary toilet when caravanning or having building work done.

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The Khazi costs £17 on Amazon which I’d regard as a decent budget price. There are several similar looking models from other manufacturers which are all somewhat more expensive.

Khazi Open Image Specification

Product dimensions: 35cm height,  x  45cm wide x 36cm deep
Item Weight: 2.23kg (empty)
Colour: grey and black
Materials: moulded plastic


If you’re going camping with kids and you’ve got the headroom inside your tent to handle it the Khazi will pay for itself the first night in the great outdoors. If you’ve no kids the equation becomes a little bit more difficult but particularly for use at festivals to avoid the queues and public toilets it’s potentially a very good investment. Recommended and a great budget choice.

The review is based on the Kampa Khazi. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access icons used in reviews. This article was first published on 830th August 2016.

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