Just Because Children’s Book Review

Just Because is a upbeat children’s book about the friendship between Toby and his sister Clemmie who “can’t walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni, pilot a plane, juggle or do algebra.” Clemmie uses a special ‘chair, her motorized wheelchair to get around. Written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott, it was inspired by her two children, Toby and Clemmie

It is a fun story about the adventures of two children and written in the rhythmic style that all small children love. It is not a story about disability, or about being special or different or explaining children with special needs who use wheelchairs to children who do not have special needs. It is a book about friendship and family, one of the main characters just happen to have special needs and uses a wheelchair.

Good to Know

just because cover Cost

Boardbook: RRP £5.99, £4.72  Amazon

Hardcover: RRP £5.99

Paperback: RRP £5.99, £4.49 Amazon Prime

Kindle: Not available

Audio book: Not available

ISBN-10: 0745962351

ISBN-13: 978-0745962351

Target Audience: Age of 3-6 years.

Adult Annoyance Factor

None. It is a beautifully illustrated story with enough detail in the pictures and loveable characters that can be read again and again and again.


Features and Accessibility

Design & Visual Accessibility

It is a picture book with large, bright colourful illustrations that will appeal to young children. The story is told in text written over page size images and as such, the contrast isn’t always top-notch and parents with a significant visual impairment may struggle to read some of the pages. The font is clear, quite large and the font colour is black. The font type is changes for emphasis, but although different fonts and styles are used, I found them all to be clear and easy to read.

Audio Accessibility

Just Because is only available in print and at the time of writing there is no audio version or e-book available that would allow the use of a screen reader.

Input and Touch

Just Because is available in three formats. Board book easy to page, paperback lightweight to hold and hardback.

Ease of Use

Aimed at 3-6 year olds, with a adult reading level to read to children rather than reading it themselves.



Just Because is a fantastic children’s picture book, beautifully illustrated and written with humour, charm and incredible insight into the world of a very special sibling relationship. Definitely a book worth reading and owning so that it can be read again and again.

Product: Just Because | Developer: Rebecca Elliott | Genre: Children’s Picture Book | Language: English | Publisher: Lion Children’s; 1st edition (20 Aug 2010)

The book review is based on the paperback version.

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