Last weekend at Rezzed I got a chance to look at an interesting new game called Journal from Richard Perrin at Locked Door Puzzle.  The game describes itself as:

Enter the pages of the sketchily painted world of Journal. A journey through the life of a young and troubled girl as she tries to face up to the choices and responsibilities that come with childhood. An experience that questions the reliability of how we choose to remember events and explores the secrets hidden within dreams.

The game artwork is done by Melissa Royall and is the style of a hand painted Journal.  The game deals with the emotional growth of the protagonist.  This is not a game that can be won or lost but one that introduces different concepts and stories depending on the choices you make.

I played for around 20 minutes and saw references to depression, shyness, affairs and possibly child abuse within that time. It wasn’t an immediately addictive game but it was interesting and accessible and the potential use for those with difficulty understanding emotions (such as Aspergers Syndrome) was obvious.

The full game is expected to be around 3 chapters long and take 2-3 hours for a single play through.  It will launch on the PC with Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and possible Wii U to follow.

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