The JOCO Reusable Glass Coffee cup is a cup for hot drink connoisseurs and enthusiasts. I have a long list of requirements for a good coffee cup. The most important thing isn’t about the cup, but the taste of the drink. The JOCO cup is made of glass and taste is never compromised. The silicone lid is removable, but the lid does not affect the taste of drinks either. First requirement met.

I have a few recurring issues with coffee cups. I spill, drip and splash. I drop, knock and break them.  I haven’t had any of those with the JOCO cup. The glass is strong and despite a few drops on hard floors, it hasn’t picked up scratch or nick. It is sturdy, I have not knocked it over trying to pick it up once in three weeks and it has been spill proof for me. The lid fits snugly and there is never any drips whilst drinking. Without the lid, the glass has a rim at the top, which is what makes the lid fit so well and has the added advantage of reducing spills when drinking sans lid.

Joco reusable glass mug next to cardboard container it ships in

The thermal sleeve fits snug on the cup, provides extra grip and keeps drinks warm for longer. I am a slow sipper that usually have half my coffee cold, but using the JOCO cup my filter coffee is toasty from the machine and still a lovely warm when I get to the last sip.

The most surprising benefit has been that everything dissolves in the cup. I don’t stir well and when I add sugar, the bottom half of my coffee is sickly sweet with sugar dregs left in the bottom. I have the same issue with instant coffee. According to the manufacturers, its the cyclonic base of the cup that pulls sugar to the centre of the coffee, improving dissolve and balancing the flavour.

The JOCO cup is microwave safe, barista size and the lid leaves space for milk foam or whipped cream. It is not a travel mug. It will not keep a drink warm for half the day and it was too wide to fit into any of my cup holders. I don’t want my review to sound like a marketing campaign, but this is the cup I have been using for three weeks and I love it.


  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free
  • Barista Certified
  • Thermal silicone sleeve and splash proof lid that keeps contents warm and provides extra grip
  • Microwave (but remove the lid before microwaving) and dishwasher safe
  • Reusable and durable
  • Ecofriendly points: It is reusable and made of glass and silicone, so BPA free unlike disposable cups.
  • Cost effective: It is not the cheapest cup on the market, but it is durable and so well designed that it’s great value for money if the quality and taste of coffees and teas is a priority


Size: 13.3cm (H) x 8.9cm (W) x 8.9cm (D)
Capacity: 12 oz (also available as 8 oz and 16 oz)
Weight: 245 g
Colour: Mint, Lime, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange
Ambidextrous: Can be used equally well with either hand

Mint green sleeve and lid


Vision and hearing

Perfectly accessible.


The JOCO cup is ergonomically designed and suits a wide variety of users. The shape and weight of the cup makes it harder to knock over, the spill-proof lid is useful, the shape fits well in my hand and I can hold it traditionally between my thumb or fingers or just with my fingers. I would highly recommend it for anyone with a tremor or other issue that makes spilling a concern. The thermal sleeve is grippy and as the cup as no handles, it can be held with one hand or two. It does not interfere with either finger or wrist splints and can be lifted and tilted in different ways because there is no handle that restricts positioning.

A certain amount of grip strength is required as well as some coordination to lift the cup, which would make it unsuitable for anyone with a severe physical impairment affecting their hand(s).

As cups go, this is one of the most accessible and practical I have had the pleasure to hold.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

Perfectly accessible for anyone with motion sickness and no particular features that would be problematic for anyone with a balance disorder, but then all cups are.


The JOCO cup is straightforward to unpack and use. The lid is easy to fit and has a temperature warning printed on it. There is no language or math needed to unpack and use.

Allergy & diet

The materials used are borosilicate glass and silicone. Silicone allergies are rare and even for those with an allergy, the thermal sleeve and lid are both removable. If the design and shape of the mug is the selling point, removing the sleeve and lid should solve any potential issues with a silicone allergy.

Product Information

Manufacturer: JOCO
Price: RRP £19.99 plus postage and packaging
Retailer: Amazon, Uberstar UK Distributors

Included In The Box 

  • Cup with thermal sleeve and lid

JOCO 12oz mint green cup with lid leaning against the cup


Would I pay £20 for a coffee cup? Not ordinarily, but for this cup, I would. Disability-friendly cups are embarrassing usually plastic things and finding a standard cup that suits my list of requirements is difficult. I had made peace with carrying an extra shirt so that when I spill my drink down my shirt I can change.

The JOCO cup is stylish and ergonomic, user-friendly and a something I have been showing off instead of trying to hide. I can place it in the coffee machine dispenser, remove it, add milk and sugar, stir it without ending up with no sugar in the top and a ton in the bottom, put the lid on, carry it, lift it and not knock it over. If I drop it, it has not been a big deal and I can even use it when grabbing a coffee at Starbucks or Costa.

It is a beautiful cup and everyone in my house wants one. Highly recommended.