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This is an ingenious hack for anyone short of space or looking for extreme portability. It uses the Ikea Poang armchair as a base to mount an iMac on with cable tidying attached to the bottom. The design is too low to fit with a standard chair, but it could work very well with a beanbag chair, an ergonomic choice for  those with musculoskeletal conditions due to its great support, or it can be partnered up with a car seat mounted on a wheeled trolley.


The Poang armchair is £55 new, but it is a very popular design and relatively easy to obtain second hand. The chair is disassembled, retaining only the base and then a small shelf is secured to it on which to mount the iMac, another shelf is added for peripherals, a basket is added to the bottom for cable management and storage and casters are added to the chair legs. I’m not sure if this is one I would try, but it is a beautiful hack and accompanying chair on wheels with adjustable back rest looks very comfortable indeed.

Source: Poang to iMac table