Ikea has long been a destination of choice for parts for home made and hacked standing desks but, old style Jerker withstanding, have never offered a desk which is designed specifically as a standing desk.  This has now changed with the new Bekant sit/stand desk.

As the name implies the desk is not just a standing desk but a electric motorised desk that can be used seated or standing depending on your need or tiredness.  The desk rises to a maximum height of 48 inches which means that the maximum perfect height of a user would be about 6 foot 4.  Maximum weight is quoted as 70kg which should be enough for most uses, although if you really need to keep a stack of textbooks and a tower PC it might get a little tight.  If that is you the small print it also may be possible to add a second set of motorised legs which can double the weight it can lift.

Other than the legs the desk is a fairly standard large Ikea model with a built in cable tidy net typical particleboard top.  It is to cost around $450 in the US with $390 of that being the legs and $60 being the tabletop.  Availability is unclear at this point – Ikea said it would be available this year but that date has been pushed back a little bit.  The best guess is the US will see it before Christmas and it will make its way to the UK in 2015.


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