Olivier Georg the owner of the Ikea Hacker site recently posted a hack that he had done himself using three Expedit and a Linnmon table to create a library and storage area on wheels.

Library 3 Georg lives in a duplex with a highly sloping ceiling and had been dissatisfied with the shelving system he had been using feeling that it was not making best use of the limited space.  In addition he needed occasional use of a large open area to assist with sewing and he came up with this.

The hack uses three 2×2 Expedit mounted on tracks and wheels underneath a Linnmon desktop and using another Linnmon as a leg and wall mounting on the other side.  The three Expedit slide out and give ample storage and are normally well enclosed keeping the contents out of view and the light.  The low ceiling and lack of knee space preclude using it as a standard desk, but as an occasional space it would work well.

If you’re interested in the details Georg gives careful instruction as to how to build the desk and the Expedit rails here.



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