With the advent of Steam’s SteamOS and wanting to watch online videos the idea of hooking up a computer to the TV is more attractive than it has been for a while, but it has the disadvantage of either being very expensive or very bulky and often ugly and noisy.  Bastien’s hack puts a full computer inside a Ikea Besta unit.

Bestia 2

Bastien correctly points out that the biggest problem is often one of heat, so he deliberately chose to embed a computer that was relatively low power and used passive cooling rather than fans.  He then unfortunately found this set-up insufficient for his needs and added a graphics card that needed an extra fan in the back of the Besta.

From the outside the hack seems to work well and it does prove it can be done.  If  I was to rebuild it I would spend a little more time on insulation – having the motherboard so open close to mains electricity multi-way does make me a little nervous.

Ikea Hackers has the full post here and it is worth a look if you are considering something similar.


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