We have been fans of the automation possibilities that  IFTTT(IF This Then That) offers for some time and I have written about it here. Today IFTTT has finally launched an Android app to match last years iOS app. IFTTT at  its simplest level is a way to automate tasks on-line. IF this happens Then do ThaT.  It lets the user write ‘recipes’ which use ‘triggers’ on specific ‘channels’ to start actions. The site hooks in to a large number of other sites like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Evernote and now Android.


The new app gives us a  a number of Android channels named Android Device, Android Location, Android Notification, Android Phone Call, Android Photos and Android SMS. These can be translated into the ability to trigger actions based on location, wifi, phone calls, photographs, screenshots or messages.  The actions available include setting device volume, wallpaper, sending notifications and sending text messages.  IFTTT say that this is just an initial offering and more triggers and actions will be rolled out in the coming months.

Doubtless over the next few days a number of interesting and novel recipes will be shared.  At the moment the most novel I have seen is changing your wallpaper based on an Instagram feed or switching phone volumes and sending text messages based on location.

If you are  IFTTT user and an Android user you should be downloading and installing this app today. It is relatively limited at the moment, but it does offer an expansion to IFTTT’s already impressive capacities and this should grow over the coming weeks and months.

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