Most game developers will have heard of the IGDA or International Game Developers Association and know that there are a number of special interest groups within the IGDA but few have heard of the game accessibility special interest group.  The GA-Sig is a community of people involved in game accessibility in one way or another and was setup with the aim of making games more playable and accessible for everyone.


The Sig’s mission statement is:

Computer and console games are an important cultural and quality of life issue. By collaborating with the rest of the game development community the Game Accessibility SIG intends to develop methods of making all game genres universally accessible to all, regardless of disability. In order to do this we will promote education of game developers in accessibility design, tax incentives for accessible game developers, corporate sponsorship and accessibility ratings.

The Sig runs a small website with basic game accessibility tips and recommendations and they operate a email list where members discuss new developments in the field and try to answer questions posed by developers.

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