We’ve looked at a number of bluetooth speakers over the last couple of years and they’ve all had their benefits – waterproofing, small size or battery life.

Over the last two months I’ve been using the iClever IC-BT208 Bluetooth wireless speaker. At most of a kilogram the BTS08 strains the limits of what I’d call portable but with a large 4000mAh battery two 10W subwoofers and wide range diaphragm the weight is explained. It’s heavy in a bag but that weight is there for a reason.

So how does it sound? Pretty good. It’s a little more bassy than I’d expected which was a pleasant surprise as its not something you usually get in a portable speaker. It also goes louder than any bluetooth speaker I’ve used in the past and there isn’t any significant distortion until you max out the volume completely.

Product Information

Retailer: Amazon or AmazonUS +      

Price: ±  $50 or around £40
Included microUSB charge cable and 3.5mm audio cable

About iClever

iClever was formed in 2010 as a consumer electronics manufacturer and designs, makes and sells a range of products including chargers, FM transmitters, tablets and bluetooth devices. We’ve previously reviewed and recommended their six port USB charger and bluetooth keyboard and a small speaker.


The BTS08 is a solid brick shaped speaker with a black top and base surrounded by a red grill. On the top are four integrated touch controls  – play/pause, volume up/skip, volume down/skip back and a multifunction button used for Bluetooth pairing and to control it in phone mode. On the back are a physical on/off switch, a microUSB charging port and a 3.5mm audio input.

The whole unit rests on four rubber feet.


  • Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack input
  • Speakerphone mode
  • Physical on/off switch
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Indoor use advised, not waterproof – will not withstand inclement weather

Environment & People

ergonomicBuild quality

Recyclable packaging


At just under $50 the speaker isn’t aimed at the lower end of the Bluetooth market but it’s a decent size and pushes the limits of quality for the Bluetooth protocol. If you’re looking for something replaceable this wouldn’t be a good choice but it’s aimed well at the permanent single room solution.


Product dimensions: 22.5 x 7.1 x 9.0 cm
Item Weight: 812g
Colour: Red and black
Materials: ABS Plastic
Speakers: 2 X 10W
Input: Bluetooth or 3.5mm Aux in
Bluetooth version: 4.2 with A2DP, HFP, HSP and AVRCP
Charging: microUSB DC 5v
Battery: Non-removable rechargeable 4000mAh
Charge time: 3 hours
Work time: 12 hours quoted. I found it lasting between 10 and 11.

Warranty: 18 months from purchase


A phone or other device that can provide the music stream either over Bluetooth channel or via the 3.5mm connector.


Reviewing Bluetooth speakers is a fairly straightforward process – decent looks and design? Check. Decent battery life? Check. Decent sound quality? Check. The IC-BTS08 hits every requirement that you ask of it and does it loudly. If you’re after a decent Bluetooth speaker that is portable and goes very loud when you need it to for a reasonable price it’s a good choice. Recommended.

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The review is based on the iClever IC-BTS08 Wireless Speaker kindly provided by iClever. This article was first published on the 30th January 2017.