The iBlason Nexus 5 is a case for the Google LG Nexus 5 smartphone.  It consists of three main parts – a rubber inner sleeve, a plastic shell and a second slide on plastic section that covers the screen. The case also has a built in stand that holds the phone in a landscape position and a belt clip on the screen cover.



Size:  12.7 x  7.6 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 91g ( including screen cover but not including a phone)
Colour: Black


This case is for the Nexus 5 only – it will not fit on any other phone including the Nexus 4, 7 or the Galaxy Nexus.

Features and Accessibility


The case is made up of three parts two of which are permanently attached to the phone.

First there is a soft rubber silicon sleeve which gives some cushioning and prevents scratches. This sleeve is then covered by a hard plastic case which covers the four corners, part way down the long sides and the bulk of the back of the phone. This hard case has a built in stand. The third section is another hard plastic piece that slide down over the screen and sides of the phone. When this last section is fitted the phone is entirely encased in hard plastic.


The case has two small cut-outs that correspond with the speakers on the base of the Nexus 5.  It does not obscure either of the microphones in the device.

The volume control buttons are covered with the inner rubber layer but are still very comfortable and straightforward to press.

The earphone jack is also exposed but appears recessed because of the thickness of the case.  This is not a problem for most earphones but if your earphones have a 90 degree kink in them as so cheaper ones can it may present a problem.

Input and Touch

The case feels good to hold in the hand with a combination of rubber and matt plastic. This means it is not slippy and is unlikely to be dropped. It adds a certain amount of bulk to the phone, in particular in depth, but not enough to make it harder to hold. When the screen shell is on the whole case is considerably larger to hold, but this is aimed for more when on your belt or in a bag and hence this is not a problem.

Ease of Use

The case requires a certain strength of grip to get the hard shell over the rubber case, but once it is set it will not need removing. The kickstand is quite stiff to open – in particular to get it out the rest position. If you use the screen case it will takes a certain amount of pressure at the right angle to get the phone to slide into it.

Beyond those physical restrictions it is hard to see how the case could be more straightforward.

Product Information

Manufacturer: i-Blason
Price:  £8.95


The i-Blason Google Nexus 5 case is a good solid case for the Nexus 5.  It provides a good level of protection when used normally and the inclusion of an extra shell to cover the screen and a stand makes it stand out.  It is reasonably priced and comes with a 1 year guarantee.  Recommended to less than careful Nexus 5 owners.

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