The Ergohacks Verdict

I’m writing this on a rainy Monday morning and if I didn’t have this I’d not be very productive. It’s coffee. I love the Vector Coffee cup holder as someone prone to knock over a cup on my desk, but it needs a coffee cup to go in it. The Hydro Flask Tumbler turned out to be a perfect fit. It’s designed to keep whatever is inside hot or cold and after a few weeks on my desk, it’s great to know that picking up my coffee I can be assured of a warm drink.  The flask is made of metal and on the inside is only smooth metal – this has the huge advantage that it doesn’t either put flavour into your drink or hold it from one drink to the next. The outside has a very slightly rough powdery texture that’s grippy even when wet and feels solid to hold. I haven’t dropped it yet.

The removable lid is another plus for temperature control – rather than the single or double layer plastic that’s quite common it’s about an inch thick of honeycomb and stops the heat leaking out far better than I’d expected. That said the design of the drinking hole isn’t ideal for hot drinks as it isn’t as wide as would be ideal to cool the coffee slightly when you sip. I discovered that if you slurp slightly you can get around this but if it’s just on my desk I go without the lid and still have warm coffee for a couple of hours.

There are three sizes available – 285ml, 625ml and 909ml and Hydro Flask’s normal range of colours on the two larger. It’s a product clearly designed to last and that’s backed up by a lifetime warranty that’s generous in its conditions.

It’s ergonomic to hold, keeps your drinks warm or cold and looks like it’ll last forever. It also doubles up as a reusable travel mug that fits into most standard holders and the next time we go camping, it’ll shine first thing on a cold morning. Definitely a winner.

Ergohacks Essential

Buy it from Outside or Hydro Flask 

Price: ± £26 including the lid


Product dimensions (22oz): 19.9cm tall, 8.6cm wide at top and 6.6cm at base
Capacity: 10oz, 22oz and 32oz – 285ml, 625ml and 909ml
Weight: 287g without lid and 351 with
Colour 10oz: Mint, graphite, sage, black and stainless
Colour 22oz:  Pacific, graphite, kiwi, lava, mint, cobalt, raspberry, black and stainless
Colour 32oz: Pacific, graphite, kiwi, lava, mint, cobalt, raspberry, black and stainless
Lids: Yes for 22oz and 32oz Black only
Materials: 18/9 stainless steel
BPA and Phthalate free
Warranty: Lifetime.
Temp Shield insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 6
Lid has honeycomb insulation

ergonomicecological Build quality

About Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask (the company) was founded in 2009 in Oregon and specialised from the start in insulated drinks bottles. They hit a million sales a year by 2011 and expanded to have a range that covers beer, coffee, water and food – all insulated. They’ve won numerous staffing awards in the US and are expanding from their US home market to go worldwide.

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on four weeks of tinkering, drinking and testing and using the 22oz mint green HydroFlask Tumbler provided by Hydro Flask during September 2017. This article was first published on 13 September 2017.