Nobody really wants leaching plastic, leaky lids or even worse, disposable plastic single-use bottles, but finding the best water bottle for the right situation can be tricky. Hydro Flask makes a range of premium water bottles that have a vacuum flask built in and promises to keep ice cubes and chilled water for 24 hours and hot liquids for 6. My first impression of the 32oz wide mouth flask in Mint colour I received was its exceptional build quality and grippy exterior. It passed the first sip test with flying colours – water tasted pure, fresh and clean, no metallic aftertaste, which is common in cheaper metal bodied bottles and it did indeed remain cool for 24 hours.

I used to exclusively for three weeks and it made a great impression – it’s sturdy, leak-proof, stylish and delivers cool, fresh water even on the hottest summer’s day. Even if it doesn’t go into my everyday carry, it travels along so that I can refill a smaller bottle from it or be sure to have cold water available when returning to the car. It still amazes me that after we spent a day on the beach and it spent the day baking in the front seat, it retained the water’s cool temperature. We accidentally left it near a hot radiator for a few hours and the water from the flask was still chilled when we opened it. (Not recommended!)

I’ve now been using it as one of my regular bottles for a full year and it remains in the front of the shelf winter and summer months alike because of its large capacity, high-quality design and let’s be honest, stylish appearance. It’s a water bottle I’d happily pull out of my bag anywhere.

As an everyday carry the Hydro Flask is obviously heavier than plastic alternatives – so it’s a trade-off for someone who cares about weight. I don’t, but my wife does. Even if it’s too heavy for your taste as a regular bottle for your regular bag, it’s still a fantastic purchase if you BBQ, camp or picnic in the summer months. Get a nice big one, fill it up and everyone gets a cold drink even during the hottest part of the day and if left in the car during the winter, the water will not be too cold (or frozen) to drink. Add to that the selection of colours and lids, it’s toughness and finish it off with a lifetime warranty and it’s a great buy. Highly recommended.


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Price: ± £39.10
Paid extras: Replacement lids and drinking straw lids available.


The Hydro flasks share a common design language. The same cylinder – in different colours and sizes – curves inwards near the top to fit large lids. They’re metal bodied and covered with a grippy sprayed on the surface that makes it much harder to drop and isn’t slippy when wet.  Internally every Hydro Flask is a vacuum flask. I actually found their 24 hour limit pessimistic, but I have to admit my cold testing was done in February indoor temperatures rather than in the middle of summer.

The lids are removable and the default is a ‘Flex Cap’. This is a solid plastic cap with a flexible handle held on with metal rivets. Hydro Flask have a range of replacement tops that include one with a straw lid and one with a flip lid as well as replacement flex caps. It’s available in a range of sizes and colours, including a personal customization option.


Capacity: From 12oz to 64oz – that’s from 340ml to 1.8 litres
Item Weight: 483 grams (32oz empty)
Colour: Black, Raspberry, sage, stainless, white, mint, citron, tangelo, kiwi, mango, Pacific, plum, forest, graphite, lava, cobalt, lemon.
Materials: Body, 18/8 stainless steel
Waterproof: Yes. Floats if placed in water.
Made in China
Materials: Stainless steel body and plastic lid.
Suitable for still and carbonated drinks – the seal held up with Coke for 6 hours with no problems.
Double layer vacuum insulation
18/8 food safe stainless steel
BPA & BPS free
Zero condensation on the outside hot or cold

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This also covers loss of insulation or vacuum so if your flask stops keeping your water cold they’ll replace it.

ergonomicethicallymadeecologicalBuild quality

About Hydro-Flask

Hydro Flask (the company) was founded in 2009 in Oregon and specialised from the start in insulated drinks bottles. They hit a million sales a year by 2011 and expanded to have a range that covers beer, coffee, water and food – all insulated. They’ve won numerous staffing awards in the US and are expanding from their US home market to go worldwide.

We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 3 weeks of testing in 2017 followed by 12 months of regular use and the 32oz Wide mouth Mind Hydro Flask is still in regular use today . It was kindly provided by Hydro Flask in February 2017. This article was first published on 10 of March 2017 and last updated on 2 February 2018.