Humble Indie Bundle 8

The Humble Indie Bundle 8 has arrived with another stellar line-up. It includes 5 games, Dear Esther, Thomas was Alone, Capsized, Awesomenauts and Little Inferno. Pay more than the average and also receive Hotline Miami and Proteus.

Dear Esther

“It began life as a Half-Life 2 mod that preferred story to shooting. It was a slow-paced experience more than a game, praised for the way it adapted first-person exploration to tell a complex tale of grief, illness and loss. Its hour-long playing time and experimental ambitions were a natural fit for a mod, but it remains mesmerizing as a paid-for title.” Chris Thursten, PC Gamer, 84/100.

Thomas was Alone

“Thomas Was Alone sells itself as “a minimalist game about jumping and friendship” – and unlike most slogans, this one doesn’t overstate itself. I can say with reasonable confidence that it is the most endearing characterful game about jumping rectangles that you will ever play.” Keza MacDonald, IGN, 8/10.


“You are stranded on a gorgeous but deeply inhospitable world, and it is trying to kill you. Capsized is a return to the lonely science fiction of gaming’s youth, a connective tissue stretching from 2D adventures like Another World and Metroid to early FPSes, particularly Doom. Though happy to declare itself a retro title, Alientrap’s action-platformer is very much its own game – and an excellent one at that.” Alex Wiltshire, Edge Magazine 8/10.


” If you’ve never played a MOBA, Awesomenauts is a great place to start. Grab some friends, take the time to study up on your favorite characters, and you’ll have a blast. MOBA pros may enjoy the fresh perspective and the quirky characters too. With more heroes on the way, and a passionate community of fans, Awesomenauts looks like it could get more awesome with time.” Austin Light, Gamespot UK, 8/10.

Little Inferno

“I’ve got Little Inferno, the latest game from the designers of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth. It’s dark and airless in its own right. It’s also comical, chilling, wonderfully clever, and – at times – shamelessly euphoric.” Christian Donlan, Eurogamer Review, 8/10.

Bonus Titles

Hotline Miami

“You could argue that it’s nasty. It is. This is a murder simulator, and it is not pretending not to be. Though you do only ever fight other murderers. Not that that’s any excuse. HLM is indefensible. That’s rather the point. You could argue that HOTLINE MIAMI is brilliant, vital, a tactical and aesthetic masterpiece as well as a pixel-art odyssey of ice-cold violence. It is. And that soundtrack. Action to beat, in perfect, twisted harmony.” Alec Meer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun


“This is a game about discovery, so the best thing you can do is go discover it for yourself. Do know this though: Proteus’ wonderful abandonment of boilerplate rules and worn tropes paves the way for a remarkably introspective and cathartic experience the likes of which we enjoy so infrequently.” Mark Seymour, Beefjack rated it as Masterpiece. We gave it a full score in our review.

The Humble Indie Bundle 8 is available for another 13 days. Pay what you want for five critically acclaimed titles and pay more than the average to unlock Hotline Miami and Proteus. “Pay what you want. Support charity. Get cross-platform, DRM-free games”. Humble Bundle has already raised more than $12 million for charity.

Humble Indie Bundle

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