The Humble Bundle with Android 6 launched last night using its normal formula.  You choose how much you want to pay (and where the money is to go) and you get the bundle of indie games both in downloadable PC, Mac and Linux versions and in Steam codes.  In this case you also get the Android version if one exists.  If you pay over the average amount ($4.67 at time of writing) then you’ll get two bonus games and soundtracks.

The Bundle includes

  • Aquaria: “Set out on a journey through a beautiful underwater fantasy world in this 2-D sidescrolling action-adventure game. Join Naija, a mermaid with the gift of song who has lost her memory, as she explores the world of Aquaria. Swim with jellyfish, discover sunlit oases, and take on terrifying sea creatures as you piece together her dark and troubling past in Aquaria, which is making its Android debut!”
  • Fractal : “Fractal: Make Blooms Not War, making its Android and Linux debut, is a geometric puzzler featuring three modes of gameplay that build on the basic concept of making blooms, or clusters of seven hexagons. Push and chain your way through this simple but addictive minimalist game. Colors abound in this fractal world while ambient music reacts to your every move.”
  • Organ Trail – Directots Cut : “The retro zombie survival game Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a parody of Oregon Trail. While a zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem to be on the horizon now, you can finally test your zombie survival skills for when that day comes. Pile in a car with 4 other friends and embark on a journey across the US in a beat up station wagon. You’ll contract dysentery, run into hordes of brain-hungry zombies, and possibly have to put down your bitten bestie Gary. But that’s how all zombie survival stories go, right?”
  • Pulse: Volume One : “Pulse: Volume One, making its Android debut, is an audio-visual experience of kaleidoscopic colors! Spin into a tapping frenzy as rings pulse outwards and hit the dots that appear as the ring passes through them. Watch as every successful beat tapped delightfully explodes into a burst of butterflies, leaves, and shapes.”

And the bonus includes

  • Frozen Synapse : “Pure, hardcore tactics and strategy explode into firing chaos in Frozen Synapse, a turn-based tactical combat sim bursting with 5 riveting multiplayer modes and 55 equally exciting single player missions. Keep yourself steps ahead of your opponent in randomly generated floorplans that make every match unique and lively. Frozen Synapse, which is making its Android debut, will have you double guessing your moves until you see the outcome.”
  • Broken Sword : Directors Cut : “Take a trip to Paris in the acclaimed Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut, which is making its Linux debut! A remake of the original point-and-click adventure game, the director’s cut introduces a new narrative in addition to the classic story. Join Nicole Collard, a nosy journalist who walks in on the carefully orchestrated murder of statesman Pierre Carchon, and George Stobbart, a tourist who finds himself in the middle of a bistro bombing, as they team up to investigate the conspiracy linking the two events. Embark on a whirlwind journey as you explore France, crack codes and puzzles, and be an all-around sleuthing badass.”

The offerings this time are all solid games and if you have not already picked them up then the bundle would be a good buy. The Android version of Frozen Synapse is still a beta but its a excellent game if you have not already played it. As always the average price will probably gradually increase over the next two weeks, so if you are going to buy, the earlier you buy the better the value.

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