We’ve been fans of the Humble Bundle since it launched as a good cheap way to get Indie and not so Indie games and in recent years they have expanded to weekly sales.  Today they have expanded again to offer a more traditional discounted store.


As before the games are sold cheaply with a proportion of the money (fixed in this case at 10%) going to charity.  The games are multiplatform where available and in some cases available as DRM free downloads as well as steam codes.

On the first day the selection was reasonable with a few classics like Orc’s Must Die 2 mixed in with titles like Prison Architect and Rogue Legacy.  The prices are significantly cheaper than the day to day Steam or online prices but seem roughly comparable to Steam Sale prices.  It might be cheaper to buy elsewhere at specific times, but it is unlikely to be so by much or regularly.

Humble say that they will be updating the available titles daily with new deals so this site might become one to check regularly for wanted games.  The changeover point in the UK appears to be at 7 in the evening and they will announce the new titles on Twitter and Facebook.

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