HTC Event – The M10 can it save HTC’s Phones?

HTC is a funny company. Twenty years ago they were a name that no-one had ever heard of but when smart phones started getting bigger they quickly got a reputation for design and solidly built phones. The produces hugely selling mid range Android phones and personally my first Android phone was the HTC Hero.

In more recent times they seemed to loose their way with the forgettable M9 last year but with the recently released Vive VR Headset seem back in the game. The release event for the M10 was highly leaked but hype aside what did we get?

The HTC M10’s specs look promising. It’s got a Snapdragon 820 CPU paired with 4GM of ram and a base storage of 32GB with microSD support. The screen is a 5.2 inch Quad HD display that goes to 2K at a 564ppi pixel density. The body is aluminum and the edges of the phone are chamfered rather than curved which looks interesting even if I’m not sure how comfortable it’s going to be.


The camera is a 12 ultra-megapixel with dual LED, OIS, laser autofocus, 4k video and RAW support. The selfie camera also comes with OIS which is a first for any phone as far as I can tell.

HTC phones have always had impressive sound with dual ‘Boom Sound’ and the M10 takes this a different way with a separate tweeter at the top and woofer at the bottom of the phone each with its own amp. This will be fed by a DAC that can dynamically upscale from 16 to 24 bit audio and a dedicated headphone amp. They’re bundling hi-res earphones and will have USB-C headphones available in some areas.

That USB-C is fed to a 3,000mAh battery that supports Quickcharge 3.0 and is claimed can charge a the battery 50 percent in half an hour. The software is to be simplified and slimmed down with an emphasis of reducing duplication between HTC and Google’s efforts and thereby speeding up the device. Price and release date are still to be confirmed although most of the information we’ve found is saying April or early May and the price is sure to be premium.

As a whole the M10 looks very impressive and I’m not sure what extra HTC could have done to make the phone appealing. I’ve my fingers crossed that it turns out to be as good as it looks.

UPDATE: The M10 now appears to be available on HTC’s UK site for £570 and says it will ship within two working days.


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