This article has been archived and is no longer being updated. It may be out of date or otherwise inaccurate due to the passage of time.

At the moment it seems that the PS4 is winning the newest round of the console wars.  It came out at a better price and was more aimed at gamers and built up a momentum that the Xbox One is having difficulty matching.  One new feature that both consoles have added is the ability to share your game play experience.  One year in this has resulted in a lot of YouTube videos and probably a lot of screenshots but how does it work on the PS4?  In the simplest terms you use the share button on the left hand side of the controller.


To take a screenshot press the share button.  If you press and hold for more than a second the screenshot it taken.  Screenshots are stored in the system capture gallery.

Taking videos is as simple.  Press the share button twice to start recording and once to stop again. The maximum recording length is 15 minuites measured from the end of the recording time.  If you want to record your mic as well you can set the system to do so by default by pressing share and then options.  It is also possible to set a default recording time after which recording will stop automatically.

Once you have taken your screenshots and videos you have to get them off the PS4.  To do so you go to the main menu then the System Capture Gallery.  Once there select whichever images or videos you want and you can either plug in a standard USB flash drive or upload to an online service.  Currently it seems that the only online services are Playstation Mail, Facebook and Twitter.

This article was first published on 6 December 2014 and is no longer being updated. Information may be out of date or otherwise inaccurate due to the passage of time.