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The Humble Bundle folks have launched a new bundle this week, with games that are available on Android as well as other platforms, but how do you get them on your Android device? It used to be a complicated process but they have simplified it to the extent where most users will have no problems setting it up.

Here’s how:

Before we begin on the Humble site we have to tell the device that it is okay to run apps that are not not from the Google Play store.  Open the Setting menu and select Security. Make sure the box “Allow installation of apps from third party or unknown sources” is ticked.Android Security Settings

Then we can begin the process.

  • Log into the Humble Bundle website on your PC or follow the link in your purchase email.
  • Set the type of system to ‘Android’.
  • At the top of the page will be a web link and two text boxes.  Either retype this link directly onto the browser on your device or fill in your email address or mobile phone number to get a link sent to you.
  • When the link arrives or is typed in it will give you a list of your games and the option to install the Humble App Store. We would recommend installing the Store as it will make installing games in the future easier and it will allow for updates and patches to happen without any work.
  • Select the App Store from the list and if you receive a pop up asking if it is okay to download it tell it yes.Browser App Store
  • Once the download has finished select it from your notification bar to run it.Downloading Game Humble Bundle
  • Android will show you a list of all the permissions the app is asking for and ask if you are sure you wish to run the app.  You are sure. Screenshot_2013-03-06-13-49-16
  • Once the Store has finished installing run it.  It may have put a shortcut on your homescreen or it may be in the app draw depending on your device’s setup.  It will look like a red ‘H’  with the words ‘Humble Bundle’ underneath it.
  • Select ‘Log In’ and put in your Humble Bundle account details.
  • Select Humble Library and you should have a list of all your games available for your downloading and installing.

Humble Bundle App Log In Screen

These instructions apply to a fairly standard Android device running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up.  If you have an older or a non-standard device then they might work but they might be somewhat different as well.