We’ve had a few people ask us how we support Ergohacks and how they can help us. There are a few ways one of which will cost you nothing. If you’re a regular Amazon customer the chances are that you’ve got a bookmark setup to go there. Swap that bookmark out for this one and we’ll get a small percentage of every Amazon order you make. It won’t cost you a penny extra but the pennys add up to money that really helps us. This trickle of money is the biggest thing that supports us and comes in keeping us going for our regular expenses.

If you want to go bigger than that you can donate to us directly. This is far more irregular but lets us save up for the big purchases which reflect back on the site and for emergencies. You can donate via Paypal or bitcoin.

Finally the biggest thing you can do to help is to get the word out there about Ergohacks and what we’re doing. Tell a friend, tweet about us, share (and like) us on Facebook,