If I say the House of Marley to you there’s a good chance that you will first think of Bob and the Wailers but The House of Marley is actually a Headphone and audio systems producer. They do have come connections with the Marley family – Bob Marley’s Son Rohan Marley helped to set it up and his widow Rita Marley is involved as well.

The company public states that they have three principles – superior quality with a focus on bass with no distortion, sustainability sourcing with heavy use of wood and recycled aluminum and plastics and being cause minded, passing on a proportion of revenue to charity.

When I first saw their products  I was surprised – inner ear headphones made out of wood? It seems unlikely to work but they’re well reviewed on Amazon and very competitively priced. Their over and on ear headphones also look impressive and range from the budget to quite expensive.

Their speakers have the same organic wooden look and both wired and speaker are available. Again they’re well reviewed on Amazon and by those who have heard them.

Finally the House of Marley makes a number of hemp shoulder and courier bags that are well priced and look well made.

All in all House of Marley looks like a company that you’d want to have product from and could be sure that it would be as good for the environment and social issues as an electrical product could be.


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