Hotter Everdon Sandals Review

I’ve reviewed a number of products over the years but I’d never have expected that I’d review a pair of sandals. I received the Hotter Everdon’s as a present at the beginning of the summer and a family holiday was the perfect time to start wearing them.

It’s now a couple of months later and if it wasn’t for the weather getting slowly worse I’d still be wearing them.

Product Information

Retailer: Hotter +

Price: ±£35 (RRP £59)

About Hotter

Hotter was set up in 1959 and manufacture their shoes in Lancashire in the largest shoe factory stil in the UK. They’ve also got their administration and customer services based in the Lancashire. They offer online sales and have a store network across the UK.


The Everdon is an active sandal that has a fairly inflexible sole. It molds around the top of the foot and has a single velcroable adjustable strap that keeps it firmly on the food.  The parts are all glued and double stitched. It’s made of a combination of leather, PU and textiles and while it could take some damp I’d not regard it as something to wear when it’s going to be wet the majority of the time and it’s not suitable for wearing in the pool or paddling in the sea.

I’ve been wearing my pair day after day for the whole summer and apart from a slight adjustment in shape to mold to my foot they’re in perfect order.

Environment & People







There seems to be two types of sandal available – the cheaper sandals that you pick up by the beach or in the week or two before you go on holiday. You expect them to last the holiday or possibly the summer and then go in the bin. The second type is the one that comes out every summer when the weather gets better and goes on for year after year.

The Everdon is definitely the second and fits into the lower end of the market cost wise at either the £35 it’s available for when this review is being written or the RRP of £59.

Everdons Specification

Sole: PU
Strap: Adjustable
Upper Material: All Leather
Sock Material: All Leather – Textile
Lining Material: All Leather – Textile
Sole Material: All Polyurethane
Removable Insoles: No
Fastening Style: Touch Fastening
Heel Height: 35mm /  1 1/2 inches
Sizes available:  6-12 UK

Warranty: Return or exchange within 90 days for any reason.


I’ve never been a big sandal wearer. They’ve always struck me as insecure, feeling that they could come off at an awkward moment or that they moved around too much to be compatible with walking more than a very short distance. The Everdon’s are for me the exception that proves the rule – they’re secure and strong and they’ve got the advantage’s that sandals always have of keeping your feet cool and happy.

If you’re looking for sandals to wear either in a hotter climates holiday or next summer they’d be a great choice. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

The review is based on the Khaki Everdon Sandal. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access icons used in reviews. This article was first published on 27th September 2016.

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