I’m always on the look out for interesting new office ideas and at Clerkenwell last week I ran into something interesting. Hot desking is something that is becoming more and more popular, particularly with those in the tech industry but there’s one thing that keeps tripping me up. Your desk and work area is your laptop – yes – but it’s also your notepad, pens, cables, mousemat, coffee cup and novelty dancing Groot.

The HB Two lets you put your desk in a bag. It’s aimed mainly at people who will be working in the same building but not the same desk and is exactly what it looks like – portable desk based storage. Customize your office gear and move it with you.

Hotbox 2

The basic shell can be added to for your exact situation with a cover, shoulder strap, tablet stand, pencil case and laptop case.

In June there will also be a courier bag that it can fit into to let you go a little further on the road.

So when will this be available and how much is it? It’s available to order right now with the basic HB 2 box costing only £36 and the various add-ons go from £6 to £28.

It’s an interesting and solidly made idea and for hot desking a brilliant solution.