The Hostess HM250A Milk Frother is a superb gadget that makes foamy white coffees, chocolate drinks and froth milkshakes with the press of a button. The jug is non-stick and wireless, lifts out for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. The handle is insulated and remains cool.

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Microfoam, macrofoam

The success of a good white coffee is in the foam. Coffee with milk comes in many forms. Latte, Cappuccino, Café au lait, Macchiato, Mocha. Most are made with microfoam, some, particularly a dry Cappuccino, is made with macrofoam. I love a smooth Café au lait, but also love indulging in a foamy dry Cappuccino. I giggled with glee when I realised the Hostess HM250A makes both. Filled to the minimum level, the result is a macrofoam that scoops in heaps into a cup. Fill it between the second line and the top and the result is a smooth microfoam.

I have always found microfoam notoriously difficult to produce and in my experience it requires a skilled Barista and/or an excellent machine to pull of. I am not an expert in coffees, but to my novice tastebuds and senses, my morning Café au lait is perfection in a cup and I did was push a button.

Hot chocolate and malted drinks

The hot chocolate setting on the Hostess Milk Frother makes great hot chocolate and malted milk drinks that comes out exactly the same each time. I have made hot chocolate and malted drinks in the microwave and with hot milk heated in a saucepan, I have used pod machines and real cocoa. Although the drinks usually turn out fine, sometimes they’re too hot or too cot and the hassle of making it takes the fun out of drinking it. The Hostess doesn’t make it a better drink, although it is really good hot chocolate, it makes it an easy to prepare drink. Add cold milk, add cocoa or hot chocolate, put lid on, press button, wait, pour, drink.

Warm milk

Warm milk in the early morning hours is one of my favourite remedies on a sleepless night. I get up, snuggled into a recliner with a good book, savour my milk and more often than not, can go to bed and fall asleep. Preparing hot milk in a cold kitchen in the middle of the night is an unpleasant task. It’s overheated or underheated whether done in the microwave or in a saucepan.

The Hostess Milk Frother makes great hot chocolate and malted milk drinks, but it also makes delicious hot milk that is smooth and not excessively foamy. If foamy is your thing, the milk frother makes beautiful frothy hot milk, but switching from the frother to the stirrer makes warm milk with no foam.

Warm milk can be a real treat for young children. I found that even at its hottest neither the jug nor the milk is heated to scalding point, which had the added bonus of being able to let my preschooler help prepare her drink.


There is no instructions about the cold milk feature, so I improvised. I didn’t use it to make milkshake, I’m not sure putting ice-cream in would be a great idea. Instead I blended ice-cream and fruit coulis and added cold frothed milk to that and stirred lightly. It made magnificent milkshakes that were noticeably superior to just blended ‘shakes. The frothed milk gave it that smooth and light signature texture of every good milkshake.

Sleek Jug Design

The jug uses magnets to connect with the surface, heats through induction and is wireless. It lifts out of the stand to wash and both the jug and lid is dishwasher safe. The jug is non-stick metal and feels similar to a Teflon frying pan. It is lightweight with an ergonomic handle. The quality of foam it makes has to be its main selling point, but how easy it is to clean follows a close second.

Cappuccino in red mug

Outside the box uses

We also used the frother to mix up egg and milk for scrambled eggs. Scrambling eggs can be a physically intensive task when done manually and using the frother was easy and more convenient than an electric or manual whisk. It made beautiful fluffy scrambled eggs.

We also used it to make up a small batch of pancake mix by adding in the milk and egg, mixing and then adding the flour in small batches. Again, it made light and fluffy pancakes thanks to the perfectly mixed batter.


Capacity: 250 ml
Weight: 1.14 kg
Colour: Black and silver finish
Ambidextrous use
Power/Wattage: 600 watts
Connectivity: Mains plug
Battery: None
Cleaning: Easy-clean & Dishwasher Safe


Plugs into mains socket.



The only negative point of the Hostess Milk Frother is that the measurement lines are very difficult to see. Both the inside and outside of the jug is marked in the same colour, black on black with tiny lines that I could not make out in the best of light. I had to place the jug directly underneath a spotlight in my kitchen to be able to read the text and even then I had to tilt it a little and guess. It is not a big deal when filling the jug more or less to the middle, but when making either one serving or the maximum, the lines are important.

Other than that it is accessible for anyone with colour blindness, a visual impairment or photophobia (light sensitivity), including blind users.

Hostess Frother Jug


The device makes a gentle whirring sound whilst operating, but it’s definitely was not loud, I measured it at around 50 – 55 dB on my smartphone. On occasion it made a whirring noise, but that was usually caused by the mixing unit being slightly skew and after getting into the habit of making sure it is aligned before pouring in the milk solved the problem almost perfectly. It is accessible to deaf users, anyone with a hearing impairment, tinnitus or hyperacusis.

Input and Touch

The Hostess Milk Frother has three buttons. The left prepares cold drinks, the middle hot chocolate and the right warm frothed milk. The buttons are easy to press requiring little strength but some precision as they are right next to each other.

The jug sits in the cradle and doesn’t have to be removed for use, only for cleaning after use. It is lightweight and can be placed in the cradle at any angle through 360 degrees, whichever is the most comfortable, whether left handed or right handed. The handle is ergonomic and insulated.

The milk frother accessible to use with moderate to severe hand or arm issues, including tremor, fatigue, reduced grip or impaired fine or gross motor control.

Ease of Use

It is easy to use and also come with written step-by-step instructions with full illustrations. There is little requirement for language or math unless basic written instructions are required. The important information is what each button does and how to swap between the frother and stirrer and that the one not in use is stored in the base of the unit.

Day to day use is as simple as pouring milk, putting a lid on and pressing a button. There is an LED light on each button that turns on when the button is pressed and turns off when the frother turns off, which happens automatically.

Allergy & diet

It is the protein in cow’s milk that allows milk to froth and as such only cow’s milk will provide frothed milk. I have used it to make hot chocolate with almond, soya and coconut milk and it does make lovely hot drinks with those ingredients, but don’t expect it to achieve the impossible and make frothed milky drinks with cow’s milk alternatives.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Hostess
Price: £39 – £55
Retailer: Amazon

Included In The Box

  • Hostess Milk Frother base, jug and lid
  • Frother and stirrer attachment (stored in the base of the unit)

hostess buttons


Small kitchen gadgets are easily bought and quickly discarded. The Hostess Milk Frother will remain on the kitchen counter top of any milk-based coffee, hot chocolate, smoothie or milkshake lover. It makes near perfect foam for lattes and cappuccinos, heats hot milk, makes hot chocolate at the push of a button and once in use, there is no going back to a dash of cold milk in the morning. It is surprisingly versatile and I made milkshakes, scrambled egg and pancake mix. The difficult to read measurement lines are an inconvenience, but easy to get around.

The Hostess Milk Frother is ergonomic, stylish, easy to use and easy to clean. It is an excellent buy and I would highly recommend it.

This review is based on a Hostess HM250A Milk Frother kindly provided by Hostess.