Body scrubs are one of the easiest and most cost effective body products to make at home. It takes only a handful of ingredients, a jar, cup and spoon to measure and 5 minutes to make. The ingredients we use are similar to that used by trusted, environmentally conscious brands, like the Eden Project’s Lily, Lime and Orange Blossom Body Scrub.

Body scrubs and making your own is particularly popular with women, but it is a product and this is a recipe, that is a keeper for everyone. Body scrubs exfoliate well and can work wonders on callused feet.


1 cup (250ml) Fairtrade sugar, Sea salt or be bold and mix both
3 tablespoons (45ml) Oatmeal (optional)
2-3 sprigs of fresh or dried Lavendar or 5 drops of Lavender essential oil
1 tablespoon Almond oil or Coconut oil
1 sprig dried or fresh Rosemary (optional)


Glass jar with lid, like a Kilner jar
Measuring cups (1 cup, tablespoon), like these
Spoon for mixing


Quick and easy: Throw it all in the jar and mix.


The basic ingredients remain the same – salt/sugar (+oatmeal), an oil and a fragrance, but there is a large selection of each on the market.

For those who enjoy making things at home, experiment. Read up on essential oil blending techniques, experiment with different sugars and salts and select different body oils. Coconut and almond is the most common, but olive oil works well too and so do massage base oils.

For those who just want to get on with life, stick with a generic oil and sugar/salt, pick one or two essential oils you like and store it with a measure and mixing spoon. Make up a scrub every couple of weeks in the same glass jar and you’re set.

Body scrubs are versatile, cost-effective and with the personal choice of ingredients can be eco-friendly and vegan. They are ergonomic and easy to make and even easier to use. Making up recipes is something kids enjoy doing and they make really good gifts when put in a glass jar with a pretty label. Give it a go.

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