There are a huge number of monitor and laptop stands available on the market, most of which are adjustable, configurable and often quite expensive.   If you are looking to have on particularly setup which will never or very rarely change it might be more sensible to try and make your own rather than try and find something that fits what you are looking for already.


Instructables comes through as normal with a relatively simple build by CraftClarity.  He uses a dual screen setup with his Macbook and a basic Dell monitor.  He previously had the Dell on its included stand and the Macbook on a normal laptop, stand to get the keyboard angled, but this was resulting in the centre of the two monitors being about a foot different in height.

An ideal ergonomic setup would have both monitors next to each other and the midline of the monitor at eye level when you are in a good sitting posture.  CraftClarity took this rule and decided to use the simplest recycled materials he could to make his stands.

In his instructions he details disassembling packing crates and recrafting the wood into a monitor stand and laptop stand to suit his exact requirements.  It is unlikely that most people would want exactly the same dimensions but the plans could be adapted easily and his VESA monitor attachment would be easy to reuse.


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