We keep food simple. Natural. Local and organic highly recommended.

We are not cooks, we have had no culinary training nor a burning passion for cooking. Our motto when it comes to cooking is to keep things simple and healthy. All our recipes are flexible with gluten, dairy, wheat, milk, nut and sulphite free options, as well as vegan and vegetarian versions. You won’t find any mention of super foods nor super villains, dietary fads or fashions, nine different kinds of herbs for a dish or anything that requires spending more than 30 minutes actively cooking at a time.

Nutritional information, including carbohydrate content, coming soon in the next update.

Our recipes are based on the following principles:

Minimal effort and clean-up time

Cooking from scratch can leave a kitchen looking like a hurricane blew through. We include cleaning time in our recipes and focus on simple recipes that doesn’t generate a ton of washing-up, doesn’t have multiple timers running and doesn’t require a long time to prepare. This excludes cooking time – we prefer oven baking for an hour over stir-frying as it doesn’t involve active cooking time.

Easy to adapt for any food allergy

Our recipes are flexible and include a list of suggested substitutes that we use. Replace eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten without having to go hunt for a new recipe.

Lower carb counts without relying on sweeteners

Our recipes are generally healthy, including low in salt and sugar. We use wholegrains and the main ingredients are usually fruit and vegetables. To reduce the carb counts, we use honey or Agave Nectar and fruits as a sweetener in baked goods. We use spices and herbs for flavouring instead of salt and sugar and our recipes does not make use of adding pre-made or processed ingredients. To lower the carb count even further, use only coconut flour (many of our recipes are 50/50) and omit the starches of which we add a little – rice, pasta, quinoa etc.

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Lily Ellis - Founder|Editor