The Ergohacks Verdict

Stools are simple. They have 3 or 4 legs. They may or may not have a back and come in different heights. Except when they’re Hokki stools. Hokki’s are very distinctive. It’s a stool with a single central column coming from a weighted, curved base and topped with a frilled sitting lid. Do you remember Weebles growing up? They weeble and they wobble but they don’t fall down! Hokki’s are similar – they spin, wobble and you find yourself moving the whole time on a perfect point of balance.

I’m sure we all remember being told off as kids for rocking on a chair. Hokki turns the antiquated idea of sitting still as a virtue on its head. The stool actively encourages constant motion. After a few minutes of sitting on one, I realised that I had naturally placed myself in a near perfect ergonomic sitting position with my feet firmly on the floor and my back straight and head held high. I tried the same thing with other people and once they had gotten over the initial spinning, rocking and moving with huge grins on their faces, they tended to put themselves in a nearly ideal position without any intervention.

We know now that our sedentary habits are extremely bad for our health. We are built to move and although the Hokki stools look deceptively simple, they open up the possibilities for us to be able to sit down and move at the same time. It’s a brilliant, elegant design that frees us up to do what we naturally would like to do. I’ve been using a Hokki stool on and off for two years and it’s been particularly perfect for a sit/stand desk. Standing becomes hard work and being able to perch for a while is a welcome change.

They’re also great to have in the room for collaborative work. It’s much easier to pull up a stool than a chair and although I’ve yet to meet anyone over the age of twenty who will sit down on it without a warm invite, everyone who does finds the comfortable and ergonomic. It’s easy to lean in to share a screen and lean back in thought or conversation. We always have a Hokki chair in the corner of the room, ready to be pulled up at any time. Excellent for children and adults alike, brilliant in schools, educational spaces as well as offices, including a home office, we think they’re a great addition to any work space.


Buy it from VS Furniture or via their network of dealers and third party sellers.

Prices start from £64.00 excluding VAT and delivery.



Seat Height: Five heights – 310, 380, 460, 510 and 620mm
Seat Width: 300mm across
Colors: Dark red, dark blue, light blue, white, orange, light green, green, black and grey
Material: Thermoplastic base with polypropylene body


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About VS Furniture

VS Furniture is a German company that specializes in producing and supplying furniture for offices and educational spaces. They are the largest supplier of educational furniture in Europe. VS has been making furniture for over a hundred years and has a wide range of chairs, tables, room dividers, storage systems and similar.

VS’s environmental policy is exhaustive. To quote “VS sets challenging ecological standards. Production is determined continually from the point of view of the environment – from product development to the choice of beech wood from areas of reforestation, to environment-friendly processing and finishing of wood and steel components right down to the use of reusable packaging materials and recycling concepts for disused products. In addition, we design our energy consumption as efficiently as possible, optimize the use of raw materials and prefer to use renewable energies.” They follow this with information about the standards they meet, their sustainable energy usage, recycling, disability policies and social programs. More here.

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 years of tinkering, testing and using the Hokki stools (in two sizes) provided by VS. This article was first published on 24 July 2015 and last updated on 4 September 2017.