Parents who love tech want to share that love with their children, but with young children it can be difficult to help them to understand the underlying technology.  The Hello Ruby Kickstarter is looking to combine a children’s book with teaching the basic principles of programming.

Linda Liukas is an experienced programmer who has been involved with Codeacademy and  in setting up and running charities to encourage programming, particularly among women and children and she has invented the character Ruby to be the children s interface and view of the technology world.

Ruby is a small girl with a huge imagination. She stomps and stumbles around her own little world while her dad is traveling. On her adventures, Ruby makes friends with the lonely Snow Leopard, visits castles made of windows, and solves problems with the wise penguins. She bakes gingerbreads with the green robots and throws a garden party with… well, if you like to hear the rest of the story, I need your help.

Ruby’s world is an extension of the way I’ve learned to see technology. It goes far beyond the bits and bytes inside the computer. This is the story of what happens between the ones and zeros, before the arrays and the if/else statements.

Liukas is writing and illustrating the book and workbooks herself and the Kickstarter funds will go mainly towards the printing and typesetting costs. The Kickstarter is currently at $272,049 above an original $10,000 goal with 17 days left to run and the lowest version available to get the ebook is $10 with an expected delivery date of August 2014.  The stretch goal of writing a parents guide has already been achieved and if it reaches $500,000 she plans to write a mobile app to compliment the book.

Hello Ruby Kickstarter

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