Healthy is a beautiful but tiny first aid kit for every day emergencies, like cuts, small burns and headaches. It has three cylindrical dispensers for cream, tablets and disinfectant as well as a cellotape-like dispenser for bandages and a pull dispenser for cotton.

healthy feature

It is a bit too small for anyone with a medical condition that requires more than the absolute basic intervention and would not stand up as a workplace compliant kit, but for personal use in the home it would look great and I think work pretty well.

No more fumbling to get a bandage wrapped and cut with one hand and mounted in the bathroom it will keep house guests intrigued as to what exactly that is.

would love one with a bit more space for my medical essentials like an Epi-Pen, inhaler/spacer and a few more in-depth first aid supplies.

Designed by: Béatrice Lorans
Source: Yanko Design