It’s traditional to start off the New Year by looking back over the last one and promising all the readers a range of new shiny things for the next year.

Who am I to ignore tradition?

Ergohacks and its previous incarnation Dual Ring have been around for a few years but 2015 marked the first time we were able to really put some of the time and effort into it it deserved. We switched servers and upgraded the backend and had a complete forward facing redesign. The number of readers here has grown very substantially and while we’ve a long way to go it’s very nice to be able to write a post and know that a lot of people will read it.

We’ve a laundry list of things planned for 2016. Some of them like switching to SSL will probably pass almost unnoticed but many such as a podcast will hopefully make a substantial difference to the site. We plan to concentrate more on things and stories that fit in our core values – versatility, cost effectiveness, ergonomic and environmental and social consciousness.

So here’s to a good 2016 – we hope you’ll join us for it.