Hamster bags are pannier bags that attach to both sides of a pushchair or buggy that add to the storage space available without decreasing the already poor stability. As those of us who have tried hanging shopping onto pushchairs know, it is possible to hang bags on the back of pushchairs but if you let go you risk having the whole chair tip over backwards. The Hamster bags aim to solve this problem by attaching symmetrical form fitting bags to both sides of the pushchair and as they are on both sides they do not present a tipping hazard.

The bags are designed to be durable and relatively easy to remove with velcro and clips and so they can be changed from one pushchair to another. The only downside seem to be that they add slightly to the width of the pushchair and that the more you carry in the heavier everything will get!

Pushchairs can make great walkers for parents with restricted mobility and this looks like an accessible bag with enough to store things without needing pressure to be applied to the handle bars to keep it upright.

They are designed for use with pushchairs, but I do wonder if they could be used with wheelchairs as well. They are designed to fit to a tubular strut which most wheelchairs also use.

The bags are available as pairs in black, black/grey or black/red for £24.99 in the UK. They can be bought direct from Hamster Bags, or from Amazon, Mothercare or Kiddicare.