This weeks we’re looking at a Kickstarter mouse that thinks its a pen.  Styli have been available for years for the PC and Mac but they almost all rely on a particular mat or pad.  The gStick is not a stylus – its a mouse shaped like a pen.  That gives it somewhat more flexibility both on the systems it can be used with and on the surfaces it will work with.

The mouse is wireless USB so should work with any USB system – that means Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and is 1200dpi.  It runs on a user replaceable AAA battery and promises a ‘good’ battery life.  There are obvious uses for it with specific disabilities and pieces of software – drawing programs and strategy games are the most obvious choices.

The Kickstarter is currently to $30,000 of its $40,000 goal with 15 days to run and at this point looks likely to be funded. The lowest tier that gets you a gStick is $27 with a $13 addition to ship outside of the US.  They are planning to keep producing them commercially after this run and sell them for $69.

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