Whether or not you put cases on your phone it’s obvious that there’s a wide range of choices on the market from the 99p rubber case to the top of the market and Griffin is pretty high up there. If you’re going to spend hundreds on your phone surely spending on the case is also worth it. I got to use Griffin’s Survivor Journey (also called Survivor Strong) case for my Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s also available for the Edge and is designed to make it ‘..easy to live fast and travel light without compromising your S7’s safety’. I’ve always used either no cases or cheaper options so was very curious to see if the Survivor was worth the cost and extra bulk.

Product Information

Retailer: Amazon +                   

Price: ± £16.94

About Griffin Technology

Griffin is a well-known name in the accessory market has been operating since 1992 but hitting it big with as one of the first accessory makers for the iPod in 2003. They now employ over 350 people and make accessories including cases for most popular smartphone devices as well as a range of other devices from remote control helicopters to a IoT connected coffee machine.


The Survivor line of cases varies in shape and detail but have the same basic setup – a hard shell with an internal suspension system. The S7 Survivor case claims to be good for a 2m drop with no damage and although I’ve not done drop testing it clearly covers all of the likely ways the phone could drop and feels secure. Griffin contracted National Technical System to do independent testing on the line when it first launched and they verified the claims.

Fitting the case is very simple – the S7 just snaps into the very slightly bendy case. I’d worried that this might result in a case that could lose the phone but this never happened in my month of testing and I actually had problems getting the phone out. The only time I needed to remove the case in use was when my S7 got submerged in water – the case was fine but didn’t dry out on the inside by itself.

The case covers all of the side buttons on the S7 and provides cut-outs for the headphone and microUSB ports. I’ve had problems with thick cases in the past with too small cutouts that don’t allow some headphones to plug in and can reassure that this isn’t the case with the Survivor – even oversized right angle headphone jacks plugged in properly.

  • Front overhang that means if you put it face down the screen does not touch a flat surface
  • Internal suspension system
  • Curved edges which feel comfortable and grippy to hold.

Environment & People

ergonomicBuild quality


The S7 is selling on Amazon for around £420 and the likelihood is you’d want to get at least a couple of years use out of it.  Viewed from that perspective the Survivor case’s cost of around £17 seems a very cost effective bargain. If you have a particularly active lifestyle or are prone to dropping your phone the equation gets even better.


Product dimensions: 2.5 x 20.3 x 10.2 cm
Item Weight (without phone): 46.2g
Colour: Black with grey highlights
Compatible devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 (separate version available for the S7 Edge and other phones and tablets)
Materials: Polycarbonate TPU thermoplastic
Drop proofing: 2m or 6.6 Feet
Standards: Military Standard 810G 516.6

Warranty: 30-day return and one year warranty from defects in the case but not on any potential damage to your phone


The Griffin Survivor manages to do something I hadn’t expected. It actually makes the S7 more comfortable to hold rather than less. It does add some extra thickness but far less than you might expect for the level of protection. My personal phone is an S7 and it’s been naked since I got it almost a year ago. I’ve got the Griffin Survivor case on it right now and it’s staying there. If you’re using an S7 and want more protection or to cover up a few dings the Survivor is a great choice and highly recommended.



The review is based on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Griffin Survivor Case kindly provided by Griffin during April 2017. This article was first published on the 23rd of April 2017.