There are few debates that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is among the prettiest phones of the last couple of years but this does lead to a problem. All that glass makes it a little bit slippy and no matter how good the most recent generation of Gorilla Glass is it’s still glass. Drop it and there’s at least some chance it won’t survive. Griffin think they have the answer – a case that’s protective from the height most people will drop their phone – hand height – and is thin and clear so that it doesn’t hide the S8.

The Clear Case holds the S8 securely and in the last two weeks it’s not come out unexpectedly at any point. The case has ridges running around the top and bottom front of the screen and similar if slightly longer ridges on the back surface. The four buttons covered each have extensions that work well and the headphone, USB and microphone’s have cutouts of decent size. Visually the name – Clear Case – is accurate with only a single opaque ring running around the back of the phone.

The case is thinner than I’d expected adding a surprisingly small amount of bulk and the NFC for Android Pay and wireless charging both work consistently through it. It’s comfortable to hold and feels very slightly rubbery and slip resistant despite being completely smooth.One of the biggest selling points of the S8 is the wrap around screen and Samsung bundle several utilities that let you swipe in from the side of the screen to trigger actions. I’d worried that the clear case would prevent this but Griffin have been smart. The Clear Case is a little lower on the sides than the S8’s edges but protrudes more on the top and bottom. This gives the best of both worlds – access to the whole screen and if you put the phone face down it doesn’t quite touch the table.

So how protective is it? Pretty good. Griffin certify it to a 1.2 metre drop which is about what it could get dropping out of your hand, pocket or bag and the design means that if it falls onto a flat surface the case will always hit before the phone. For smaller damage like scratches, it’s also decent with a 6H hardness rating – that translates to around the hardest to scratch substances on the market that also have some elasticity in them. In the couple of weeks I’ve had it it’s protected the S8 perfectly. I know that that’s hardly a long-term test but it’s a good run so far.

The Samsung S8 is an undeniably gorgeous looking phone but the design has an inherent problem – it’s glass on both sides and if we’re going to be realistic about it going to get scratched chopped and maybe broken. Griffin has come up with a solution in the Survivor Clear Case that gives just enough protection for most people without disguising the phone beneath. Recommended.

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About Griffin

Griffin is a well-known names in the accessory market having been operating since 1992 but hitting it big with as one of the first accessory makers for the iPod in 2003. They now employ over 350 people and make accessories including cases for most popular smartphone devices as well as a range of other devices from remote control helicopters to an IoT connected coffee machine.



  • Drop Protection to 4ft or 1.2 metres
  • Scratch resistant plastic.
  • Impact protecting bumpers for screen


Protection: 1.2 metre
Cover Weight: 26.7grams
Colour: Clear ‘optic clarity’, Blue/Clear, Arctic Grey, Gold, Coral Blue, Smoke/Clear
Hardness rating: 6H on the Pencil Scale
Standard: MIL-STD 810G
Materials: Polycarbonate and TPU Rubber

Warranty: One Year on manufacturer defects. Note that this does not include the phone just the case!


The case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8 – not the S8+ and will not work with any other phone. Griffin does make Survivors for a range of other phones including the Samsung S8+.

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 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 weeks of tinkering, testing and using the Griffin Survivor Clear for Samsung S8 kindly provided by Griffin during June 2017. This article was first published on 19th June 2017.