It is the little things that often make a surprisingly big difference. Greeper shoelaces is one of those little things. The laces are similar to normal laces, but have four small stoppers and a central tying mechanism that makes it easy to wear shoes with laces without having to tie them and Greeper laces never come undone. I have been wearing a bright orange pair for the last month and loving them.


Once applied always tied

Greeper laces do not come undone. They are fastened by pulling on the laces, loosened by pulling on the tab and once fastened, they remain exactly where they were placed whether walking, cycling or running. It is the first pair of laces I have worn that never came undone and never lost tension during long hours of wear. 

Fits with all laced shoes

There are four styles of laces – sports, hiking, executive and flats that suit any type of laced shoe. Greeper laces are available in various colours to match the shoe type and its colour.

Product Information

About Greepers Ltd

Greepers Ltd is based in Cheltenham, U.K. and was founded in 2007 by Peter Greedy, a qualified Optometrist and former Corporate Executive and the inventor of the Greeper laces.


RRP £8.95 – £9.95
Retailer: Amazon: Sport laces


Greeper is a patented device and high quality product. Its innovative design and durability makes it cost-effective for anyone who regularly wears a pair of shoes with laces.

Included in the box/price

One pair of Greeper laces.

GREEPER Shoe Laces Review - Image of multiple Greeper laces in packaging | Ergohacks


Size: 140-150 cm
Boxed-product Weight: 59 g
Colour: White, Black, Neon Green, Purple, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Blue, Neon Pink, Grey, Sky Blue

Target audience

Athletes, children and people with conditions that affect their hands and manual dexterity is the primary target audience for Greeper shoelaces. However, they are easy to use, available in multiple colours and styles and I would recommend them to anyone who struggles with shoes laces that are untidy, come undone or difficult to tie.

Ease of use

Greeper laces are relatively easy to add to a pair of shoes and once the simple technique is mastered, they are easy to use on a daily basis. However, the deceptively simple process of tying and untying the laces are not intuitive. I initially complained that I had a hard time fastening and unfastening them and that they did not remain tight enough. Turns out, I was doing it the wrong way because I even glance at the instructions because who needs instructions on how to tighten a pair of already tied laces? Once I had a closer look, practiced the technique with a shoe on my lap to get the hang of it, they worked perfectly.

Do not be put off if you have some dexterity issues when it is hard going to use them the first time. It is a skill to learn, a much easier one than tying laces without them, but there is trick to Greeper laces that once mastered, makes them easy to enjoy.


The laces obviously require a pair of laced shoes.

GREEPER Shoe Laces Review - Close up image of Greeper laces in trainers| Ergohacks



Greeper laces are highly accessible to anyone with a visual impairment, including the blind, experience visual symptoms like blurred or tunnel vision, has photophobia or colour blindness. The bright coloured laces are accessible to those with reduced vision, making it easier to see. The design is tactile and once fitted to a pair of shoes, tying and untying is easy to do with or without any visual input.


Highly accessible to anyone with tinnitus, hyperacusis (sound sensitivity) or a hearing impairment, including the deaf. The laces are soundless and make no annoying ambient noise at all.

Input and touch

Greeper laces are accessible to those who have hand, arm and shoulder issues. A small amount of dexterity is required to grip in the right place and a reasonable strength is needed to use the mechanism on the laces, but it is much less than for conventional laces. The tie mechanism has a loop that makes it easier to pull when loosening laces, but it is necessary to grip the actual laces in the right spot to tighten them.

Two hands are needed to fasten Greeper laces, but the company has launched a small item called the Greeper assist that enable one-handed use as demonstrated in the video below.

Movement and mobility

Greeper laces are ideal for anyone with limited mobility who may struggle to retie shoelaces that come undone. They could also enable wheelchair users with some upper body mobility to independently put on and remove their shoes.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

No impact on anyone who experience motion sickness or balance disorders that may lead to dizzy spells, although personally I have very much appreciated the ability to be able to quickly remove my shoes myself when I needed to lie down.


Highly accessible to anyone with any cognitive symptoms and conditions, including memory loss, dyslexia, ADHD, ‘brain fog’ or those on the autistic spectrum.

Greeper shoelaces have their own simple mechanism for use and I would recommend that anyone with cognitive issues read the instructions carefully or if needed, ask for assistance to fit the laces and demonstrate use the first time.


Greeper shoelaces do not contain any common allergens. It is standard shoelaces with small metal studs and a plastic mechanism at the top and none of it is in direct skin contact when worn.

GREEPER Shoe Laces Review - Image of Greeper laces in trainers| Ergohacks


Greeper laces put a great idea into practical use. They are easy to use for children, adults and older adults and make laces more accessible for many. They are perfect for running shoes and hiking boots, formal shoes and flats. Highly recommended to anyone who regularly wears a pair of laced shoes.

The review is based on the Greeper Sport laces (neon orange) kindly provided by Greeper Ltd.