Green People is an award winning, well-known UK-based organic, ethical brand that was founded in 1997 by a mom whose daughter had eczema and multiple skin allergies who couldn’t find helpful skin care products on the market.

Green People now have a range of over 140 products and their organic toothpastes are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), fluoride, artificial sweeteners and colourants, alcohol, synthetic flavours and triclosan. Ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced, fairly traded and cruelty free.

Their toothpaste range is suitable for the whole family with a dedicated children’s range. All of them are safe when accidentally swallowed. They taste great too – my daughter thinks the Fennel & Propolis flavour “tastes like sweets” and I value the fact that the flavour is mild, yet distinctive. It is has a granier, wetter texture than popular brands and is also suitable for sensitive teeth.


Green People is a company with high standards, a brand name with an uncompromising reputation for valuing people, animals and the environment and their toothpaste doesn’t cost the earth. It’s £3.50 for a 50 ml tube directly from the official site and available on Amazon for variable cost depending on the seller.

The  Green People Company 50 ml Organic Fennel Toothpaste( 2-Pack) is £7 and Amazon Prime eligible and the 50 ml Organic Kids Spearmint Toothpaste( 2-Pack) is £3.50 for a pack of 2 as an add-on, which is a great 50% off deal when spending more than £20 on products dispatched by


Ergohacks: Green People's Organic Toothpaste

Natural Ingredients

The main ingredient is Calcium carbonate, aka dental grade chalk. It is an abrasive that gives toothpaste its grainy texture and removes plaque, food remnants and stains from teeth.

Glycerin in Green People toothpaste is vegetable derived and in toothpaste its main function is to prevent the toothpaste from drying out. There has been a lot of blogging around the use of glycerine in toothpaste advocating against using toothpaste that has glycerine as an ingredient because it causes demineralization of teeth.

We haven’t been able to find any evidence that this is actually true. According to Weleda, another well-known ethical manufacturer of natural toothpaste who uses glycerin, “Glycerin does not cause demineralization of the teeth unless it is used in conjunction with bleaching procedures.” There is no bleaching agents in Green People toothpaste.

Other ingredients include Aqua (pure water), Betaine (natural plant extract thickener), Xanthan Gum (corn starch gum thickener), Aloe vera, Limonene (a natural molecule responsible for the scent in citrus fruit skin) and linalool, another natural fragrance.

Each toothpaste fragrance has its own additional ingredients, like extracts of grapefruit, lemon, myrrh, orange, peppermint, clove, fennel and propolis that enhance and flavour each type of toothpaste.

This article was first published on 25 October 2015. It contains affiliate links.